Artistic Portraiture for the following :Seniors, family, children, babies, engagements and high end sports photography.

Mark is a photographer based out of Ohio. Through the “early” years his art was in the form of micro pen, acrylic paint, and charcoal. But It wasn’t until 1996 his artistic outlet would trade paint for pixels while attending college for graphic design. Today, most of what Mark does has been self-taught through a ton of trial and error, and tips and tricks from various mentors and world renowned photographer workshops including a few names like Monte Zucker, Clay Blackmore, Sandy Puc, Ed Pierce and Jerry Ghionis. Luckily, his history with art helped him progress quickly with finding and understanding light and using shadow to create depth. Mark has been working in photography full time since 2008 and specializes in seniors, but fills in with but not limited to: family, children’s, fashion, sports and corporate portraiture. Mark’s work described by his photography peers and mentors is said to be edgy and fresh with a distinctive artistic style. Mark has been notably complimented by customers as “different” and “unique”.